Pattu Pavadai (4-5 years)

Neon pink pattu pavadai that reminds you of cotton candy! The blouse carries coin patterned strip in silver zari across the sleeves and waist. The same zari pattern continues on the skirt as a border along with "bhottu" bhutties in silver zari


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Half fine


4-5 years

Rs. 3,335.00
0-3 MONTHS 14/15 14 6 4.6 10
3-6 MONTHS 16/17 16 6.6 4.6 11
6-9 MONTHS 18/19 18 7 4.6 12
9-12 MONTHS 20 20 7.6 4.6 14
1-1.5 YEARS 20 20 7.6 4.6 16
1.5 TO 2 YEARS 21 20 8 4.6 17
2-3 YEARS 22 21 8.6 4.6 19/20
3-4 YEARS 22.5 22 8.5 4.6 22
4-5 YEARS 23 23 9 4.6 24
5-6 YEARS 24 24/25 9.5 4.6 26/25
6-7 YEARS 25/26 25.5 10.5 4.6 27/28
7-8 YEARS 27 26 12 4.6 28/29
8-9 YEARS 28.5 27.5 15 4.6 31
9-10 YEARS 29/30 28.5 17 4.6 32/33

The figures mentioned here are approximate numbers and not the actuals. This is our standard size chart. There might be slight variation in the sizes as per the design*

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A. The bill, price tag and the saree / dupatta’s fold should be intact.

B. The product should be returned back to the head office in 100% saleable condition

C. The quality and condition of the saree / dupatta must be the same as when delivered

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H. Saree cannot be exchanged once the blouse / fall is stitched.

I. Readymade blouses cannot be exchanged.

A. Saree cannot be exchanged once the blouse / fall is stitched.

B. The blouse will be designed as per the measurements updated in the order.

C. The blouse will be stitched using the material that comes along with the saree.

D. The blouse will take around 7 to 8 working days to tailor.

E. The cost specified covers only the stitching charges. No embroidery or embellishments included.

F. Specific customised sleeve or neck styles can be done as per customer's preference. Please email us before placing the order.

G. We accept sample blouses for measurement reference. Courier charges will have to be borne by the customer. Please email us before placing the order.