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In a country like India, there is a constant back and forth progression when it comes to fashion.
Growing up, every child is accustomed to wearing a standard uniform, which was mostly a modest school dress that reached your knees or a salwar set. Very rarely did a child get to dress themselves in a choice they preferred, and when they chanced upon that moment, they stuck to denims and t-shirts. But there is one outfit that every young woman ran to when they finished their time as a student. Come farewell/ graduation, most of them took up the task of wearing a saree - either their own or their mother's. It is at this moment, that every girl realises she has grown up and is finally a lady.

Before you know it, the little lady becomes a working class woman and she's stuck in this battle of embracing her femininity and being comfortable.
So what is it that an average woman wears to work? That dynamic depends largely on her surrounding.

Modernisation of multiple attires have twisted the idea of a saree in people's minds. "I was always the most petite person so people always assumed I was younger with no experience. Being a doctor, people expect you to dress the part. I began heading to work in salwar sets. That however changed when I realised I earned more respect on the days people saw me in a saree. So I now wear wear a saree professionally. It really isn't as much of a hassle when you learn the perks of extra leg space and you get faster at draping with time." explains Verna Shah, an optician in Coimbatore.

You see, a saree has long been part of our tradition and culture, much before we took to the westerns way of stitching shapely clothes. The six yards of grandeur and colours never lets us down on any important occasion. Sarees today is found in multiple forms and fabrics, with more detail than you can imagine. Every region in the country has its own signature and drape. The blouses have evolved too, thanks to the entertainment industry. Utsa Bajaj, a corporate marketer at a design store says, "Sarees are beautiful. But I always associate them as something reserved for festivities. I feel like wearing them every day takes away that special feel. So when I do wear them to work, it is for an event or something important."

To a lay person, the saree is seen at two extremes, one that is worn by mothers at households and the other that is worn at celebrations. The idea of a working woman in a saree only happens as a standard uniform or superior women of power, such as politicians or CEOs. Some of the finest leading women are known for their presence in a saree such as the managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Bank, Chanda Kochhar. There is also the famous tale of the first time current chairperson and chief executive officer, Indra Nooyi, of PepsiCo Ltd first walked in for the interview in a saree. Which comes to the final question, why don't we strike a balance? Why have we given into a world that endorses a 'this or that' scenario. You don't have to choose between beauty and comfort neither do you have to identify with 'beauty or brains'. Flaunt your femininity and your intellect.

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