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Top 6 tips on how to
wear & re-wear silk sarees

Who knew silk sarees could be so verstaile? Restyle your silk saree and never feel like you're repeating one!

Whether it is a hand-me-down heirloom or your  Kanjeevaram Bridal Silk sarees right off the looms, re-wearing a saree can seem a placid affair.

Here is a helpful and exciting guide on how to reuse, re-wear and revamp your 6 yards of grace, each time with a twist. And guilt free, that is!

More often than not, women may drool over a silk saree when they are shopping for one and fall in love with the ensemble. That is, until they wear it twice. Thereafter, it almost feels too familiar, too ordinary.

Somehow, we love to safeguard our pattu sarees in a sacred cabinet shelf rather than flaunting them. It is time to revive your love for silk sarees. By actually wearing them.

To start with, we encourage all fashionistas to think of a designer brand, like Palam, who weave inspirational patterns, a statement in a silk saree.

This is not just a fabric, it’s a beautiful story, one you deserve to wear (and re-wear!)

A blouse can make a world of difference. If your saree fails to ignite a spark in you, why not swap the blouse for a new one?!

Get a plain silk blouse stitched to match/contrast your saree. Fashion rebels go a step further and detach the border/zari pattern from the inner fold of the saree to go on the new blouse.

If you had a conventional blouse the first time, give it a modern edge by going sleeveless. Take our word, it transforms the whole look.

Draping a saree, by itself, may be a challenge. However, if you set your mind to it, it will not be as hard as it seems.

"Tuck-circle-over the shoulder- pleat-tuck-adjust."

To amp up your saree for your next event, let us push the boundaries to experiment with drapes, a tad different from the usual.

Try a gorgeous Bengali drape for white / beige sarees with red borders imitating a Garad saree. Greek goddess style is a classic drape, where thin pleats flow uniformly all the way from the waist and up to the pallu.

This definitely wins the list for us. It is simple, exciting and such a joy to style. Soft Silk sarees blend beautifully with jewellery. One just needs to tap into a sea of endless potential of pearls, silver and diamonds to rile things up!

Swap Temple jewellery with a minimal Navaratna choker for a regal yet minimal look.

Attending a gorgeous beach wedding? You can pair your silk saree with a layered pearl necklace and voila, your very South Indian look transforms to a cosmopolitan attire.

POV- You wore a beautiful Kanjeevaram silks to your sister’s wedding, all decked up in finery and heavy makeup and a hair bun.

"I love the saree but won't it look the same when I wear it to my cousin’s wedding?" – Well no, if you add some tiny tweaks.

Opt for a sheer ”no-makeup" look and breezy mermaid hair with strands of baby breath playing around it for a casual chic look.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Your silk saree from Palam makes a statement of its own. Compliment it with exciting additions to make your look truly unique for each occasion.

Grab a different bag to go with your saree, maybe, add a corset belt for a powerful look or pair it with a smoldering blazer for winter weddings.

Repeating sarees (or any ensemble for that reason) is the heart of sustainability and value. The saree unfolds infinite possibilities, as far as imagination can go. A silk saree is one to be treasured, to be worn with love, time and again.

We hope you have as much fun wearing our timeless silk sarees as you did shopping for them.

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