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1G zari

Purple kanchipuram silk saree which brings together several elements from the Pallava Dynasty,  The border showcases carved pillars from ancient Pallava temples. The body carries bhuttas adapted from Pallava dynasty's coins in copper and lead. Discovered Pallava coins reflect elements such as  conch,tree, sacred lamp, kumbha, chakra, trisula, and  bull and lotus. It is mentioned in several texts and articles that many of the coins were unearthed near the very popular tourist destination Mahabalipuram ( built by the Pallavas ) and kanchipuram. The pallu of the saree carries the sigil of the Pallavas, the lion, in all its magnificence covering the entire pallu.


Rs. 26,000.00 - Rs. 28,000.00

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A. Sarees come with attached blouse

B. Blouse length - 70 cm

C. Dry cleaning is required for maintenance

D. Blouse material will be cut for your convenience

E. In case a saree is shown without an image of the fabric for the blouse in the product page, it means the saree does not have a blouse attached.

F. Where the fabric for the blouse runs with the saree, the material can be cut according to the convenience of the customer.

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C. Note that the quality and condition of the sari must be the same as when delivered

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