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More often than not, Kanchipuram, to a layman, looks all the same, except for its colour. At Palam Silks, making bold statements in silk sarees is our everyday breakfast. Each of our ensembles is distinct, breath taking and in a league of its own. This time, we have birthed Glisten - a very special capsule that catches the eye with its muted elegance.

But, we have a problem.

The Pinterest culture has turned every fashionista into her own personal stylist. The habit of collating pictures online before visiting a store kills the essence of a brand’s unique offering. Every handloom brand has a distinct story, an ideology that is followed since its inception. The colours and designs created by contemporary fashion brands stem from their deep affiliation towards the product.

Keeping first generation silkpreneurs aside, the industry is dominated by century old brands who have been lazer focussed on their design approach, as set by their forefathers. Hence, we live in a world where generations end up buying only from specific stores and express fierce loyalty towards buying only from those brands.

So no bright colours then?

When we were in the process of creating these pieces, the one question that was raised from all corners were, Are they too dull?, Will they stand out next to those bright reds and greens? As always, we decided to swim along with our creative flow and dropped in some bombshell colours - dyes that remain unused or untouched in a colour chart. The colours that made the cut where, Tangerine Orange, Charcoal Grey, Coal Black, Creamy White, Bumblebee Yellow, Stone Blue and Cherry Pink.

Zari has been chosen to compliment the colours without overpowering the design. The synchronicity between the colour of the zari and the saree is a nerve we have hit hard with Glisten. We have used a combination of gold zari, silver zari, copper zari and the all-new neem zari to express this collection.

In terms of designs, stripes have reigned this collection - zari and thread stripes. We have adopted traditional brocade patterns, border bhuttas and Madras Checks to give a familiar definition to this strange moodboard.

Your guide to styling this one-of-a-kind edition.

The best part about our Metallics is, they can be styled for any occasion and any season, as all sarees should be. Let’s break down how you can walk with panache in a Glisten pattu for a formal meeting, a farewell, or a fancy dinner party just as stylishly as you do to a wedding.

For your college farewell Chiffons, fancy sarees and embroidered drapes can wait. If you want to channel “devatha” vibes, it’s got to be a Kanchipuram. Muted silk sarees is an off-beat choice as dazzling zari is too last season.

Choose one of our muted colours and pair it with a strappy-sleeved blouse. Don a rose flower tucked in your sleek hair-do and keep accessories to a minimum. Silver earrings and an ethnic kada would do. Go shine!

Ready to swirl at a friend's wedding? The best part of attending weddings is dressing up. For those of you who’d like to stand out in the sea of golden hues, bright colours and shimmery silks, our muted metallic Kancheepurams are just right for you.

Bring that effortless look with an open pallu and a confident stride. Talk about making an entrance right?

That Hustler moment at work! Celebrating a big win at the office? Receiving an award? Making an all-important presentation? Bring your boss energy with our Glisten collection.

Featuring deep shades in silk paired with just enough shimmer to make it the perfect elegant, formal attire.

Doll up for the gram? Love playing dress up? Some days you just want to be a Drama Queen for Instagram. 

Unleash your wildest imagination, play with drape styles, and bring out your treasured jewellery. 

Mix, match, pair and pose. Our lustrous silk sarees are as photogenic as yourself.

Each saree from our Glisten Collection is a masterpiece in itself. Isn’t it wonderful when a saree has a story to tell? Most importantly, be a part of our movement against silk stereotyping.

If you have set your mind to own a one-of-a-kind, unusual silk saree, Glisten is all yours. Named appropriately, the Glisten collection flaunts muted metallics that graciously “shimmer” as you walk by.

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