Of Being – Palam Silks

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From the inception of Palam Silks, we have strived to bring to life unique works of art in a pattu saree, making us a saree connoisseur’s dream brand.  With our new capsule collection “Of being”, we have pushed ourselves even further to weave truly stand-out pieces that will get ‘em talking.

The soul of the collection arose from a simple thought : How Kanjeevarams have evolved over the years and have become a relatable fashion choice across all ages?

Of being. A capsule that celebrates the emotion of wearing a Kanjeevaram, to be one with it and celebrate it as a symbol of cultural identity while crowning it as the Queen of all fabrics.

Palam has moved on from the “Kanji” laden heavy kanchipuram silk sarees 15 years ago. The current lightweight silk sarees were fondly called “Palam Pattu” when we introduced the new-age fabric in 2008. And there is no looking back ever since. Rather, we have treasured the coveted piece of handloom, paving way for a generation of designers to use “Kanjeevaram” as a medium to explore their creativity.

“Blouses which were once just a simple piece of cloth attached to a Kanjivaram saree, now have taken a huge leap. They play a major role while choosing a saree. Women have become extremely conscious in visualising the saree-blouse combination. Blouses have become more of a statement - defining the style of the person wearing it. Even a traditional silk saree can be given a modern twist just by changing the blouse style. “ says Sumathi, Founder of Yuti Designs, specialising in premium bridal blouses (@ yuti_designer_blouse).

When we asked Abinaya Subramani, an RJ turned Stylist ( @abisubz ) who styles celebrities and budding artists from the music industry, about the role of artists and their influence in the South Indian fashion market, she says, “It is just new age advertising packaged within a mobile screen. Yes, when people follow an artist extensively, they are invested in them to a certain degree. More than a brand recall value, they earn instant trust when a celebrity they follow endorses a product”

Few decades ago, handwoven kanchipurams were reserved only as the bridal wear and frugality was out of the question. Kanchipurams ranged only above 50,000 INR and weaving softsilk sarees and lightweight kanchipurams under 10,000 was considered an impossible feat. However, fast forwarding to 2023, customers are keen to elevate their whole look irrespective of the price of the silk saree.

“A plain Kanchipuram silk saree is amped up by adding heavy embroidered blouse giving it a larger-than-life image. You can comfortably repeat the saree as a simple change of blouse can give an entirely new look to the saree.” - Sumathi, Founder of Yuti Designs.

Kanjeevarams have travelled beyond the borders of Tamilnadu. It is considered a fashion statement across India. Synonymous with Tamil tradition, Kanjeevarams represent an ideology that dates back to centuries - a way of life rather than a mere garment. The fabric was considered divine to an extent that only Kanjeevarams were to used drape the idols of Goddesses during festivals and important religious conventions in temples.

Considering the bombastic reach of this beautiful fabric, is there a dormant demand for Kanjeevarams among Non-Indians, as Indian culture has already pervaded different countries in the form of movies and delicious cuisine? Has South Indian fashion cut the bill too?

Ms Mangai, Vice President of Overseas Women's Club says, "With transnational marriages becoming a common scenario, Non-Indians are definitely more exposed to Indian culture, especially through weddings. Women from different nationalities can be seen wearing silk sarees when they are a part of such events. Infact, we have many expats who are now living in different parts of India and I can see that they are more than willing to attend formal/cultural events draped in a pattu saree."

After 15 years of compelling designs, Palam Silks continues to break the notion of silk as conventional bridalwear and makes it more relevant in the fashion industry for all generations. Palam’s silk sarees are more than just the fabric, they are the quintessence of feminine grace and beauty. Showcased in three centrally located showrooms in Chennai at Anna Nagar, Pondy Bazaar and Oliver Road, the silk saree collection is also available on the Palam Silks website and app ranging from 10,000 to 2,00,000.