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The Concert

Music and silk combines in our newest collection

The sarees feature musicians and their instruments, seated across the stage during a performance. While the earlier design was perfect for musicians themselves, the new collection is for everyone who loves and enjoys music.

In simple words :

“The feeling of a person performing their music is woven into the saree.”

For the new collection, we designed our sarees using bright colours, which is also common during Margazhi time of year.

“ The Kutchery season here in Madras, it’s an explosion of colours and sounds and for a performing artist, whether a dancer or a musician, you know just how important this time of year is, ” added Aarabi Veeraraghavan, a well-known dancer.

Also part of this collection is well-known musician, Shakthishree Gopalan who spoke about the relevance of our new collection during the Margazhi season,

“I have always loved and admired the elegance and grace embodied in a saree. And a pattu saree, needless to say, always meant that there was a special occasion and an atmosphere of celebration and festivity to look forward to.”

Take a look at all the sarees in this collection and make your choice.