Palam Silks Chennai | Two different borders. One Saree

Posted on by Sri Palam Silks

Double the style, double the delight
for every woman.

For as long we can remember, everyone has enjoyed a specific kind of saree. Whether it’s for a wedding function or something slightly more casual, women have preferred sarees in shades of red and maroon. But in the last few years, brighter shades have been making appearances everywhere. Shades of green, orange and yellow; colours that stand out in a sea of reds and maroons have become quite popular. And to keep up with these changing trends, we at Palam Silks went beyond what we usually design and weave. A traditional Kanchivaram saree has one korvai border, however we chose to have a double border despite knowing that it would be difficult to weave. But we’ve never let weaving difficulties stop us from exploring new techniques.

In the past, there have been multiple difficulties with this weaving method, a problem that even master weavers have had trouble with. Often, there are weaving errors that are unavoidable, but wearers know that this is a common problem with handmade sarees.

In spite of this, we wanted to do something more than just weave our sarees with a double border; we wanted to experiment with two different styles. The turning and traditional borders are not used together in one piece, because it’s considered impossible to match a traditional korvai border with a turning border. However, our master artisan was able to find the perfect method to combine the two and soon after we introduced the Double Delight Collection.

Due to these complexities in weaving, the collection is only available in bridal silk sarees starting at INR 50,000. The grand style and the elaborate design make it the perfect wedding saree, completing everything about the perfect day for the bride. But that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting the lower price range completely - we worked on a design with lesser zari, involving the same amount of workmanship while still delivering beautiful sarees at an affordable price.

With the Double Delight Collection, it goes beyond what is expected of you and what you want to wear. With choices ranging from different colours to border styles, there’s something for every Palam Woman to choose from. “They want to look good for themselves, not just leave an impression,” says Mrs. Jeyashree Ravi, founder of Palam Silks, “The younger generation of women now want to experiment with colours and different patterns, choosing sarees based on their skin tone and what fits with the event.”

This collection is for every woman who likes celebrating her duality. The Palam Woman is a go-getter, but she’s also comfortable in her own space, doing her own thing at her pace. The Double Delight collection gives her the chance to be whoever she wants to be, depending on what the occasion calls for.

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