Palam Silks Chennai | The Origin of Silver Zari in Silk

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Make this year
about silver with our
Silverline Collection.

When you think of Kanchivaram pattu, the first thing that comes to mind is the pure zari. Traditionally, it is the most favoured kind of saree, but the younger generation is opening up to trying something new. More often than not, the word ‘gaudy’ is used to refer to this kind of zari which then puts off the younger generation because they want something beautiful, but not too flashy.

And at Palam Silks, we want to cater to everyone no matter their age or the reason for wearing sarees. Of course, Palam Silks wasn’t the first to introduce the silver zari, but we were certainly the first to use only the silver zari on a pattu saree. Weavers have used silver zari in the past and even woven it together with gold zari into the sarees, but there was a very limited market for this style and trial and error could only produce so much.

But we, at Palam Silks believe in experimentation, to find the right fit and combine it with different colours and patterns to see what works best. We reintroduced checks, longer borders, peacock motifs with getti pet borders and combined it with an old collection called Palam Hues - which was a selection of pattu sarees in unique colour combinations. As part of our experimentation, we used silver zari with these sarees to find the perfect combination and balance. Thus was born the Silverline Collection.

We discovered that an unusual silk saree with gold zari is considered rich and flamboyant, but the same saree with a silver zari is subtle and classy. And this worked well with our plans for the collection. A crucial step when putting together this collection was to pick and choose colours where using a gold zari might have been considered too much and replace them with the silver zari. And it worked! A big favourite has been the combination of black and silver, which definitely balances well.

More importantly, pure gold zari available in the market is simply silver zari that is gold plated. And because we are avoiding the gold plating, the cost of making the sarees is lower, which brings down the price of the saree as well.

In the past, silver zari was often ignored and not used because there were chances of the zari blackening over time, but finding the right way to keep the silver zari stay the same is what makes Silverline such a unique collection. Instead of making a large number of pieces, we’re keeping it a very limited collection because these are designer sarees.

The Palam Woman wants to fit in, but she also wants to stand out. A pattu saree with gold zari helps her fit in, but when she’s wearing a Silverline silk saree, it makes her stand out. Becoming a trendsetter is about being comfortable in what you’re wearing and wearing it confidently and that’s exactly who the Palam Woman is and what she stands for.

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